Friday, August 19, 2011

One day

How do you escape yourself? How do you escape the sadness in your heart? When does it get easier to control it? I love my husband, I love my baby, my family and my friends. Being so sad makes me a wonderful lover, but it makes me lonely. I want to break down, I want to lay in someones arms and completely fall apart. Why do I run when people reach out?

I'm changing my life, so I can hopefully be a happier person

•I'm going to finally quit smoking. But Karen I thought you quit already? Sadly no, hopefully soon
• I'm going to get a better job, which means I need to finish the math part of my GED
• I need to figure a way to get my Joshies teeth fixed
•I need a bedtime, lol more sleep happier mommy in the morning
•I need to quit drinking soda
• I need to become a better cook
• I need to exercise more
• I need to find a pass time I enjoy
• I need to finish those damn classes to finally get my license

Long list but I think it will be worth it


  1. You will find a way to make it all work Karen! You've always been way strong. Let me know if you need help or anything, I'm here for you hun.