Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The cherry on top on my sundae

It's been way to long since I've posted anything on my blog. I guess I haven't been up to it.

Last Friday I went to the hospital for extreme pain in my back and my stomach. I was diagnosed with kidney stones. When I saw the specialist today he said both my kidneys are full of stones. He suggested surgery as soon as possible. So Monday is the day, I'm really scared.

I've been taking medication for the pain and turns out I'm allergic. My body broke out with itchy bumps, not a fun experience! Well, yesterday we were going to the doctors to try a different kind of medication. We dropped the baby off at my friends we were a block away when this lady t boned us. I've never been in a car accident before. No one told me how angry I would be. I wasn't wearing my seat belt, I jumped around the car like crazy. That was the cherry on my sundae.

I miss feeling normal, I miss being a mommy. All I want is to take Aiden on a walk or go to the park. I'm in so much pain I just lay on the couch. Mother of the freakin year right there. I can't wait until I kick this thing in the ass!

Josh's sweet grandma died Saturday afternoon. I loved going and visiting her. She's the first one to really welcome me in the family besides my mother in law. When I was pregnant she always would ask me "Are you taking care of my baby?" or "You better be taking care of that baby for me." she'll be greatly missed. The funeral is tomorrow, I'm hoping I can cope with it ok. Josh is in so much pain, I need to be the strong one. For all the times Josh was my rock, I need to be his.

Here's to tomorrow, celebrating a wonderful soul that will be missed very much.

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