Thursday, September 8, 2011


No period yet, but I did make an appointment with the midwives for Tuesday. Hopefully nothing serious happened, like an infected copper t. I'm thinking I missed my period because of stress. A bill for 2,300 here a bill for 90 there. I might as well just light my money on fire! On top of that I need to make more appointments for Josh and myself. Josh offically has a hole in his tooth, it's time to force him to the dentist. I guess the worst part about all this is Christmas won't be as big as I planned :( I wanted Aiden to be blown away with how great his birhday and Christmas were going to be.

I really hope Josh was being serious about getting his GED and getting a better job. He's very excited to get a job at the prison. I'm glad Alissa suggested it :) it's all he talks about. When I work at the prison, oh just you wait Karen until I work at the prison!

Well, here's to a new day! Hopefully yours is filled with joy and lots of sunshine :)


  1. Have you talked to the hospital about financial aide?

  2. I'm not sure how to do it, or if we even qualify :(

  3. Well, You could just call the hospital and talk to them about it. Tell them you need help, and ask them how to learn more about getting help to pay for them.