Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ambers wedding, Camping and finally being home

Let me start out by saying how gorgeous Amber and Tino both looked at the wedding! There were some tiny bumps along the way (mostly our faults) other than that the wedding went smoothly. We had breakfeast Saturday morning with my in laws, Tino's parents, his brothers and this chick who won't have a name other than whore. She thinks she can tell my husband how hot he is and when he's ready to leave his wife she'll be ready! I thought she was my friend! But I'm not bitter ;) The breakfeast was great! We went to Cali's in Orem and it was great! Besides the waitress that spilled my coffee all over the table! Tino's dad Reben was very sweet, he kept giving Aiden quaters for the candy machine. Anyone who's sweet to my baby is definately on my good side.

After breakfeast it was off to the American Fork Ampitheater to set up for the wedding. Melody (my mother in law) made it look great! I hope she gets all the credit for that wedding. She did sooo much! I asked Amber once everything was set up what we could do to help, she said we could pick up the cake and the flowers. What my sweet sister in law failed to mention was that we were picking up two huge cakes not one. One of the cakes sat on my lap and I held the flowers with my feet. We got home and had no room in the fridge for the bouquet so we called Amber and she said to put it in the freezer. The flowers ended up wilting before we got back to AF and somehow the side of the cake got smudged. :(

Everything worked out for the best! Aiden did a great job throwing flower petals. He looked so much older in his tux and bow tie. My little man is growing up! Poor guy ran down a hill to see daddy at the reception and scraped up his face. He was sooo cranky. Hopefully the pictures turned out at least half decent. We couldn't get him to smile to save our lives!

On Sunday we decided to destress and go camping. It was nice to be with family for so long. Most of the camping trip I held Aiden in front of the fire. God I love that kid.

It's nice to be home now, no more work for a minute just time to play with my boys <3

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  1. I don't think all of the "bumps" were your fault at all. The smudge on the cake was no big deal.... especially after the cake topper fell and broke!

    And the bouquet? Well..... at least it all turned out okay in the end.

    I'm going to have to ask you in person who is trying to "steal" my son away from you! That's no good! But I'm sure they aren't half as good as you anyway, so no worries :)