Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeling better already :)

On Saturday I decided to quit smoking! I've had maybe a couple cigarettes since then. Today is the cold turkey day, not one puff all day. So far so good, but cravings are a terrible beast! You know what's funny, I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant with Aiden. A couple of months after he was born I started up again. I felt so out of place not smoking, I was the odd duck around my husband, my best friend and my co workers. I just wanted to be socially accepted. Plus if any of you have had a brand new baby you'll know how crazy you start to feel. Josh worked a lot, he wasn't much help at home (which I understand). So being outside and just taking a break felt pretty darn good. Shortly after just taking a break turned into a nasty habbit. I can't even run around the house without coughing up a lung. I used to run track in Jr. High, you'd never know that now.

I will not let tabacco shorten my life with my family! I will not let tabacco control my health! I will not feel socially awkward around anyone that smokes! No more!

On the plus side, I'm already starting to feel better :)


  1. We believe in you Karen! You can totally do it, but it'll be hard. We are proud of you. And just think about the money you'll be saving!

  2. Good job Karen :) I know you can do it! It's a great choice for you and your family both!