Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Never again

What an awful day. Josh was served papers today, 7 counts of a class C misdemeanor and one count of a class B misdemeanor. Who's fault is this? My wonderful father in law! Let me give you a little back round on Paul.

He didn't show up for mine and Josh's wedding

When he lived in Pleasant Grove Paul was taking care of Josh's dog Monoxide because we weren't allowed to have any animals. When he decided to move he locked Monoxide and his daughter's cat in a room to die. We went and rescued them both.

He's a moocher! When I first met Josh I was buying Paul cigarettes, gas and drinks.

He never keeps to his word, everything that comes out of that mans face is a lie.

Most importantly he's been disappointing Josh since birth.

Paul runs a handy man business (without a license) for a couple of years now. Josh worked with him for a couple of months when he was 17. Well Paul has been getting in trouble with the American Fork cops lately for having his signs out on public property or being to loud while he works. So what does he tell the cop???? He tells them that Josh is a co owner for his business! That sperm donor brought my family into his shit!!!!! I can't believe him! I'm so incredibly mad I could just strangle him! Thank god for Steve (Josh's step dad) at least Josh has such a great guy to be his dad. If it wasn't for Steve I would feel so bad for kicking Paul out of our lives. Paul will never hurt my family ever again. He'll never know my son either, I've had to watch Josh hurt to many times. I will NOT let him do that to my son.

Josh goes to court next Wednesday so everyone keep your fingers crossed that he won't get charged with anything. I'm sure he's going to do just fine, but just in case Paul pulls something out of his ass like he always does.

On a brighter note my little guy is getting so big!!! New pictures on Facebook!!!! He makes me feel so much better, right now he's cuddled with his bottle and pillow pet. What an angel <3


  1. Aw sweetie. I'll be crossing them for you guys. I'm sorry for all this. I know exactly how you feel about how in laws can be... :(

    Your son is beautiful!
    Miss you. <3