Thursday, May 19, 2011


You know what's so great about being married to Josh? Our support system. When something happens I react angry, then sad, and then accepting. When something happens to Josh it's almost like he goes on vacation, just doesn't worry. But when Josh gets back from vacation, is he one angry guy! I came home from work last night and he was really upset. He says, "Why did he bring me in this crap! This is all his fault!" I'm thinking well, duh Josh! It's Paul! I've been trying to tell you this whole time!! But I don't say anything, why do I want to be right? Out of all things to be right about, why this? Instead I held him and listened.

I can't beleive what he's doing to Josh. The only positive side to this is were done with Paul. Josh promised me if he'd ever did anything to hurt our family again, we'd be done with him. Josh didn't decided this, Paul did and once he realizes he's alone in this world, maybe he can start thinking about change.

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