Thursday, October 6, 2011


Lately life has been.... Emotional. I've been an emotional roller coaster. I'm freaked about bills, I'm freaked about Christmas, I'm freaked about us buying a house, I'm sad I only have 2 more days with Aiden before he goes to grandmas, I'm angry that I have to go back to that hell hole, I'm worried Josh won't take his GED, I'm upset that on Josh's days off he wants to sit and play video games, and I'm pissed that my house no matter how much I scrub it will never be clean. Ah! I feel crazy inside, so much is going on, I'm stressing about everything. I feel like I'm taking the whole load. I need to find a stress reliever. I recently quit smoking and I'm constantly on edge. It just sucks, I wish there was a button that paused everything. I want to go back with my mom, who loved me, who never let me worry about anything. Can I do the same for Aiden? After my Mom was divorced when I was 5 she went into some serious debt. We lived off food stamps and di for a long time. I never noticed how hard things were for my Mom. I never caught her crying or cursing God for such a hard life. She was never bitter, she just did what needed to be done.

On a positive note I got Aiden his Halloween costume! He'll be the cutiest tigger ever! He looks so much older lately. Oh does he talk up a storm! He almost never talks gibberish anymore. Speaking of Aiden he's awake. :)

Everyone have a great day

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