Friday, October 7, 2011

Mixed emotions

I'm not pregnant. I started my period. I'm upset, I'm relieved, I'm stressed, I'm crushed. I was so excited to be pregnant. I was excited to give Aiden a brother or sister. I was excited to be pregnant again. I'm so bummed, I miss read the signs again. The throwing up, the being super tired, the smells, the headaches, the tender breast all of it. I swear I was pregnant but I guess not.


  1. Sometimes if you want something like being pregnant badly enough your mind plays tricks on you and gives you false signs and hope.

  2. I get those symptoms from the time I ovulate until I start my period (minus the throwing up). I'm sorry. It will happen soon enough. Love you! {{hug}}

  3. I guess I thought you automatically get pregnant once you get off birth control. I guess I was just so excited I misread the signs :(